TRON Reflects Impressive Momentum Over the Last 30 Days

TRON and Waves Protocol are now working together to reach the mass-adoption of inter-chain DeFi via Gravity. It should be noted that Gravity is Oracles and a cross-chain communication network. TRON & Waves will establish a secure connection using Gravity, which will allow both to expand access to services for two userbases.

TRX/USD Forecast

TRON’s last 30 days have been excellently bullish, and in the said period, the coin marked more than a 33% hike in the price. TRX coin was trading around $0.0176 on July 15, and in recent hours, it spotted at a high of $0.0237.

Tron (TRX) Price News

In the last month, TRON was trading with a moderate price trend around $0.0175, and after facing steep fall on July 16, it managed to regain momentum and started trading upwards with a slow & steady price movement. Gradually, it reached $0.02135 and kept the uptrend intact. However, this couldn’t be sustained for long, and the price of the TRON coin fell to $0.0187 on August 02.

There has been a bit of volatility marked since the beginning of August, but TRON managed to keep up with that and continued to trade with upward momentum. In the last week, after facing massive fluctuations, TRX price managed to register a sudden hike, which took the price to the highest of the last 30 days at $0.0237.

However, at the press time, TRON faced slight correction and spotted at $0.0235. The MACD indicator shows a bearish crossover. The currency may face slight correction and test its crucial support around $0.022 mark anytime soon. Investors need to be cautious of any sudden movements as well.

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