Will Tron (TRX) Overcome the Bearish Pressure to Stay Ahead of the Race?

Tron price had got to a good start at the beginning of the month, but the bear pressure made the TRX price slid in the downward range though the currency has managed to recover during the latter part of the month. The 30-day price trend for TRX has seen the price move in the range of $0.013 – $0.020.

Tron Price Prediction

The upstart gained by TRX coin at the beginning of the past 30 days’ price trend took a backseat when the bearish pressure got stronger, and the price slid downwards. However, the price did manage to show some recovery at the end of the month. Tron price was at a high of $0.0202 on November 13. The bears started exerting pressure, which made the TRX price go on a continual downswing, and it reached $0.01378 on November 22. The price rose to the extent of 8.52% on November 23 at $0.0149. On November 26, the price again slid to $0.0143 showing a downfall of 3.93%. TRX coin showed a brave front and managed to have an upward trend to the tune of 10.54% on December 02 at $0.0159. The price has again fallen today at $0.0144.

Tron Price

Tron price is trying its level best to get out of the bearish mold, but the current volatility in the crypto market is not letting it. Analysts expect the short-term to be bearish for the coin. Traders can continue to hold on to the investments as TRX coin is expected to reap benefits in the future.

Tron (TRX) Price on the Adventurous Ride

Tron is currently under the bearish influence of the market. Although the loss in the coin is marginal, the chances of improvement in the later hours are still thin. The currency embarked on improvement after hitting rock bottom at the beginning of the ongoing month. The same couldn’t battle the market pressure, and thus, it is back to $0.015. As per yesterday’s statistics, the TRX coin price was seen as high as $0.016377 and as low as $0.015793. The volume marked by Tron was $1,266,811,966.

TRX to USD Price Chart:

Tron Price

Tron started dealing yesterday at $0.0161. The price escalated to $0.0162 by 0.84%. The coin couldn’t hold itself at the level and fell to $0.0159 by 2.21%. Later, Tron price jumped to $0.0162 by 1.90%. Then again, there was a slight fall of 1.30% as the coin touched $0.0160. The TRX price escalated to $0.0162 by 1.40% in the later hours and then fell to $0.0160 by 1.23%. The major fall took place when the price counter touched $0.01570 from $0.01623 by 3.26%. The closing hours brought the currency to $0.0160 by 1.99%. The intraday movement in the currency reflected a regression of 0.88%. Today, Tron started the day at $0.0160 and slipped to $0.0158 by 0.92% during the opening hour. The currency improved recently and touched $0.0161.

Tron Price Prediction

TRX coin started the day with a bearish remark, but now it is moving towards improvement. The currency is presently dealing at $0.016103, which is quite near to the immediate resistance level at $0.0162. The same is anticipated to breach in the coming hours. Tron is suggested for the short-term traders as the long-term investment might turn out to be chancy.

Tron’s Latest Gain Couldn’t Help It to Regain Its Glory

  • Tron loses 11.16% in the last month, and it needs a huge push to recover from it
  • It may find the next resistance at 0.0148 USD in the coming few days

Tron (TRX) has been through three major price swings over the last one month, and the swings have been in the range between 0.022 USD and 0.0135 USD. There has been a total of 11.16% loss in the price of Tron in this period.

Tron Price Analysis:

TRX coin was being traded at 0.016331 USD on October 27 and over the next 2 days, it gained 38.80% to be placed at 0.02266 USD. It was followed by a 14.84% decline in the value that cost Tron 0.0033 USD, and the value reached 0.019305 USD by November 13. The last variation happened between November 23 & 22, and in these 8 days, TRX coin lost 32.77% value and got placed at 0.01353 USD.

Tron Price Chart

Tron’s market cap also has witnessed a decent decline in these 30 days. It has traveled from 1.275 billion USD to 965.597 million USD in this period. TRX coin has been through many unprecedented ups and downs on both the value front as well as market cap front.

TRX coin’s 20 days MA stands at 0.0143425 USD, and the 50 days MA is at 0.01404469 USD. Tron’s next halt may come at 0.0148 USD.

Tron (TRX) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $0.014897
2nd Resistance $0.015502
3rd Resistance $0.016371
1st Support $0.013423
2nd Support $0.012554
3rd Support $0.011949

Will Tron (TRX) Get Its Way in the Ongoing Bearish Sentiment?

TRX coin was trading at $0.01494366 on October 23, 2019. Then, the Tron price managed to present a huge growth of 41.10%. After that, TRX coin managed to remain in the same range for some time. Then, 11.07% drop noticed in mid-week of this month and the downtrend seems to continue even now.

Tron Price Analysis

Comparing the Tron price since November 21, 2019, it shows a down run of 14.11% today. It is going to fall further and reach close to $0.01420 in some time.

It seems a decent time to invest money in buying new TRX coins or can also hold some as of now. Tron has got a good ability to grow and perform further if being traded with a long-term focus. In the upcoming days, TRX prices may not change majorly. However, in the long-term, it may reverse the current downtrend.

Tron Price

Tron (TRX) Marks Moderate Improvement Amidst Volatility

Tron price was at $0.01665762 on September 19, 2019, with bears having control. September 21, 2019 – September 26, 2019, the decline was 33.17%. TRX coin reached the lowest value, i.e. $0.01233095. Despite the rises, post the downside movements, the phase for Tron remained bearish. The scenario changed from October 27, 2019, with couple of sharp upward rises. TRX price jumped to $0.02255887, with a splendid rise of 59.87%. However, gradually it has started to deplete and hence, at present is falling.

Tron Price Prediction

TRX coin shows a 16.24% drop now as per the prices of November 6, 2019. It may fall further by and reach its next support $0.01676. It seems better to sell some TRX coins as the trend noticed. The past 2-month price evaluation of Tron that from October 27, 2019 TRX managed to get a hold on the bulls, which remained until yesterday. Hence, suggested to trade with a long-term basis.

Tron Price

Resistance & Support Levels:

R1: $0.018475, R2: $0.01952 and R3: $0.020189

S1: $0.016761, S2: $0.016124 and S3: $0.015047

Tron Loses 2.79% in a Week; Stability is Unlikely in Near Future

Tron (TRX) has been down by 2.79% over the last week. In the last two days, it has shown four major price shifts, and these shifts have been in the range between 0.020 USD and 0.018 USD.

Tron Price Prediction

TRX price was at 0.01986287 USD at the starting of the week. Its first swing happened on November 06. Tron price surged to $0.02080, which is the highest point of the week. From this point, TRX coin lost 12.16% value and reached 0.01827471 USD, the lowest of the week. It was followed by an 8.62% increment in the value, and this hike helped Tron to scale as high as 0.01985075 USD by 16:25 UTC on November 10. The last variation happened over the next 2 days, and this 2.69% decline cost 0.0005 USD and placed the price of TRX coin at 0.01931659 USD.

Tron Price

The Market Cap in these seven days also has shown a shift. In the last 7 days, it has traveled from 1.346 billion USD to 1.296 billion USD.

Tron’s 20 days average is at 0.019513 USD, and it’s 50 days average stands at 0.01686 USD. The current price at 0.01930782 USD is 14.51% more and 1.05% less than the 50 days average and 20 days average.

Tron (TRX) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $0.01985
2nd Resistance $0.02009
3rd Resistance $0.02048
1st Support Level $0.01922
2nd Support Level $0.01884
3rd Support Level $0.01859

Santander Launches the First Public Ethereum Blockchain Bond

On September 12, 2019, Banco Santander, the Spanish Banking Behemoth announced that it has launched the first blockchain bond. It added that the bank had issued the bond directly to the blockchain and it will continue to exist in the blockchain itself. According to the sources, this is the first step towards tokenizing the bond securely.

Santander claims that they are the first financial institution which has taken this step of digitizing the process of bond issuance on a public platform. Santander used the public Ethereum blockchain, which is one of the most advanced open blockchain technologies till date. This allows Santander to tokenize the bond securely and also to register it properly on the blockchain. The Ethereum token was used to represent the $20 million debt processing. The most interesting part of the deal is that another Ethereum token ERC 20 was used to settle the same bond. All the cash represented by both sets of tokens were taken for custody later on.

This automation has made the process simpler and faster by reducing the number of intermediaries previously involved in the process, thereby delaying them unnecessarily. However, this is not the first time that Santander is using blockchain technology. It has issued $20 million bonds which were purchased by the Group’s unit at market price. The whole process was conducted on a private Ethereum protocol. This is the first time Santander is issuing bonds using the public Ethereum blockchain.

Antonio Torio, the head of funding at Santander refers to this project as a “real money pilot.” This is more of a technology innovation than it is of a financial issue. The bank also clarified at a meet that though the process involves cryptocurrency technology, the bank as of now is not interested in the same. The bank will focus more on engaging with innovative clients to support them in their digital journey and to transform the process from product stage to the development stage. London based startup company Nivaura supported Santander in this blockchain project.

Credit Suisse And Citigroup Keen On Buying African State Assets

The African economies have grown at a significant rate in the last decade. The African continent has six largest growing economies with 1.2 billion consumers. Moreover, they are promoting a free trade market and are inviting investors to purchase their assets.

South Africa, Egypt, East Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Angola are few of the major flourishing economies in the African continent.

The remarkable growth and untapped opportunities have compelled major financial entities across the globe to turn their focus towards them. These countries are bringing in financial reforms by adopting conventional practices. They are making themselves open as a free trade zone to the global financial entities by gearing up to sell the government assets to the private sectors.

The emerging opportunities at the African economies have generated interests of Citigroup and Credit Suisse as well, and they are gearing up to make some investment deals shortly.

As the African governments are keen on selling more assets, they are expecting more deals on the way.

“Privatization is a theme we see as becoming increasingly important given the fiscal pressure faced by the many African governments and several governments recognize the need for reform,” explained Vikas Seth, the Head of Mergers and Acquisitions for Europe, Middle East and Africa for Credit Suisse, during an interview to the at the World Economic Forum at Africa.

As per Miguel Azevedo, Citigroup’s Head of Investment Banking, Middle East and Africa “South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt are the three big economic engines of Africa where most opportunities will lie.”

With the ongoing trade war between the US and China, Miguel Azevedo is still hopeful that the investment flow will continue from both the countries.

In addition to the above countries, Angola and Ethiopia are making themselves open to free trade. Here lots of opportunities are emerging in the service area and the banking area. There are even untapped opportunities in the Telecom, financial technology, consumer goods, infrastructure, and financial services.

Angola is planning to privatize 175 companies and Ethiopia is soon going to open a telecom auction. Kenyan companies are interested in investing in Ethiopia. Kenya has skilled workers and young population which has attracted many investors across the globe.

Many other global financial institutions, including Swiss bank and Standard Chartered, have exhibited similar interests in the African continent and are keen to invest in this open trade cluster of growing economies.

Salaryo Raises $5.5 Million in Debt Financing and Equity

A pioneer fintech platform Salaryo from the US has raised $5.5 million funds from Ruby Ventures and Michael Ullmann’s investment group for the US freelancer and start-ups. The total fund raised by Salaryo is $6.3 million, which the company plans to use for its first-to-market digital lending services for 500 coworking office locations in 20 new cities including Washington DC, Austin, and Denver.

Salaryo Inc. was founded in 2017 and the company provides security deposits and flexible credits to help small business and office space. After its launch in New York City in 2018, it has helped a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers. The headquarter is in New York and it has 30 workplaces in 20 different cities in the US.

Yair Levy the CEO of Salaryo said that the main concern of Salaryo is to provide funding as a vote of confidence to the small business and freelancers so that they can focus on their growing business.

It is the first digital lending platform for its co-worker office sectors. It has an automated feature to examine a tenant’s identity, lease, financial, and other information and take its decision in a minute. Once all the records are approved, Salaryo sends the fund to the workspace and the tenant can take it within 24 hours.

“The innovative and dynamic Salaryo leadership team was quick to identify changes in the commercial real estate market,” said Ilan Rubinstein of Ruby Ventures.

Ruby Ventures is an investment company managed by a Rubinstein family in Canada and Israel. The company has invested in a lot of other investments, but the main focus is in real estate and ground-breaking technologies.

The company is experiencing double-digit annual growth than its competitors, Knotel, and industrious. Knotel and industrious have been trying to provide financial services to its tenant for years, but Salaryo in the meantime has perfected the concept and gain popularity in this sector nationwide.

“The growing number of freelancers and small businesses requires a new way of thinking in financial services,” said Michael Ullmann. Salaryo also offers them additional financial services to these small businesses.

Michael Ullmann is an entrepreneur and founding chairman of Prodigy Finances, a fintech platform who provide finances to the international MBA students.

The fund of $5.5 million raised composed of both debt and equity, in Ruby Ventures provided the debt financing and Michael Ullmann’s investment group provided the equity.

Stellar Price Analysis: Stellar (XLM) price shines alone among the top cryptocurrencies

  • Stellar (XLM) walks up alone among top 20 cryptocurrencies.
  • The coin gain seems to gain back its momentum.

Stellar (XLM) price was seen crashing down at the beginning of the month. However, the month was quite promising. The coin was seen making its own way to the top without getting hampered by the market pressure.

The coin has gained back the momentum, and we can yet again witness the fall in the market, but the coin shines like a star. Talking about yesterday, the coin touched a high at $0.073149 and a low at $0.066908. The volume marked on the coin is $118,501,191.

Current Statistics of Stellar:

  • The coin is dealing at $0.068823
  • The ROI is marked as 2212.85%.
  • The market cap is noted as $1,351,579,354.
  • The 24hr volume is marked as $110,762,598.
  • The circulating supply is noted as 19,638,407,709 XLM.

XLM to USD Price Comparison:

The chart is taken from Trading View on 27th August 2019, at 05:44:05 UTC for price analysis.

Looking at the chart, we can observe a fall in the price. On 25th August, the coin jumped from $0.070 to $0.072 by 2.48%. There was a major fall in the price, which changed the price from $0.072 to $0.068 by 5.30%. The recovery in the price again brought the coin back from where it started the day. Yesterday, the day began with a fall of 1.26% from $0.070 to $0.069 by 1.26%. The intraday loss was of 0.81% as the coin closed at $0.069. Today, there was a heavy fall marked in the coin from $0.069 to $0.68 by 1.86%. The coin has started recovering. We are looking forward to an intraday at a price.

Stellar Price Prediction and Conclusion:

The intraday chart is reflecting a recovery in the price of the coin. The same is speculated to continue. As the coin has the tendency of staying away from the market trend and creating its own fortune, we are quite positive that it could give great a result in the future.

We are anticipating that the coin would be best suited for long term investors. The coin is speculated to touch $0.090 by the end of the year. The future could bring a greater digit than expected, thus investing in the coin wouldn’t go futile.