Bitcoin Rewards Platform Lolli Grows Further: Partners With Postmates

Good news comes for the users of the rewards platform Lolli. It has now partnered with the prestigious firm Postmates. Lolli also has two other partners like the grocery chain Safeway and The Bitcoins reward platform has announced that 40% of the users that are on the platform are the new users of cryptocurrency. The platform has also clarified that a major objective of the steps taken by it so far is to see that Bitcoin enters the mainstream market. The partnership with Postmates is also a part of this phenomenon.

This is not the first time attempts are being made by the entities in the industry to see to it that Bitcoin makes an entry in into the mainstream economic system. There is a while before that happens; however, this news has seen to it that the users of Lolli gain more convenience in the manner in which the operations take place.

It is yet to be determined as to the manner in which the company will bring about the changes in its administration as the year progresses and process in which the partnerships will work out for the company.

ADA Is Dipping Down Again

Meta description

ADA is again going down in the negative trend line and will again trade in low values in the upcoming intervals due to the intense volatile market conditions and the erratic BTC.


The condition of the crypto market is running at its worst with no positive signs of revival back in the upcoming days. Rather, the exact opposite thing is expected throughout this year and it is assumed that until the end of this year, the market will be ravaged by intense volatility and thus, the situations of altcoin like ADA will be no better. Even, BTC has been adhering to its erratic and turbulent nature due to which ADA and similar other coins remain in verge to lose substantial portion of their values to it at any time.

Present status

Price in USD: 0.0598 USD

Price in BTC: 0.00000632 BTC (UTC time 08:53)

Circulating supply: 25,927,070,538 ADA

Market cap: $1,559,364,080 USD

Market rank: 11

Price analysis and future price predictions

From the above 1-day chart of ADA, it is understandable that ADA is again travelling back in the wrong direction and is once again back in the negative trend line. Yesterday also, it has traded in the bearish zone most of the time and intermediately its value has shoot up to some extent in the bullish trend zone. For instance, it had traded at 0.0621 USD yesterday but has fallen sharply to 0.0585 USD today. So, within one day, shift in the price is although not that high but has reduced considerably by 3.70%. Even, the momentum of ADA is also very unstable and thus, it is also lacking effective support levels which can push its value up. Considering these facts, we think that in the upcoming days, ADA can trade around $0.0581.


ADA is therefore in a highly unstable state and is also lacking support levels. One should not consider investing on the same as of now as the market condition is not expected to improve before the end of this year.

Ripple trading under the red zone inviting more investors to ‘buy XRP

With SBI going live with a new launch, XRP community might be sharing some of the benefits from the same. XRP is closely associated with SBI and SBI VC trade, which means that XRP might be gaining some of the visibility in the market too.

Ripple Price Analysis & Future Forecast-

XRP price is currently trading at $0.31307 at 06:32 UTC on 23rd July 2019. In the past 5 days, the lowest was seen on 18th July at 12:50 UTC with the trading value of $0.30380. The value in a few hours was escalated by 6.79% at 16:00 UTC with $0.3244 trading value, however, which was dropped by 3.94% at 13:00 UTC again. The value from then was increased by 9.17% on 20th July at 21:35 UTC with a trading value of $0.34022. Today at 06:30 UTC, the value is dropped by 8.11% with a trading value of $0.31280.

Ripple is trading in the bearish zone too! This means the best trade decision might be ‘buying’ new RP currency to make your portfolio stronger for the future returns. Considering past data and analysis, the safer bid might be trading under the resistance and support levels as:

Resistance Levels: R1: $0.329806, R2: $0.337507 and R3: $0.343343

Support Levels: S1: $0.316269, S2: $0.310433 and S3: $0.302732

Dogecoin trading back to the upward motion

Dogecoin price is currently trading at $0.00309487 at 08:13 UTC on 19th July 2019. In the data stats of DOGE from past one week, the lower was seen on 15th July at 00:25 UTC trading at $0.002781. The value increased by 14.88% on the same day at 23:20 UTC with the trading value of $0.003195. The value dropped by 15.88% on 16th July at 17:10 UTC with the valuation of $0.002689.

Dogecoin price increased by 14.65% on 17th July at 19:00 UTC with the trade valuation of $0.003083. However, the price dropped again by 12.18% on 18th July at 14:00 UTC with the valuation trade of $0.002707. The value increased by 18.70% today at 01:05 UTC with the trading value of $0.003214.

Dogecoin has climbed somewhat far from Bearish zone moving to the Pivot Point. This implies the pattern will flood the upward way once more. Before it hits the turn zone, you should need to ‘purchase’ DOGE coins starting at now and appreciate the profits in the coming future.

For a safer trade, the calculated resistance and support levels are mentioned as:

Pivot Point: $0.003047

Resistance Levels: $0.003219, $0.003316 and $0.003488

Support Levels: $0.00295, $0.002778 and $0.002681